About The Association

Our History
During the summer of 1994, a group of Good Hart residents came together with the idea of forming a property owners association.  The neighborhood was growing, pubic and private pressures for development were increasing and the need for a community association was becoming more and more evident.

The first meeting of the membership at large was held on Thursday, July 6, 1994 at the Readmond Township Hall.  The purpose of the meeting was to vote on the by-laws, select a name for the association, elect officers and to openly discuss issues affecting our community such as the St. Ignatius beach, bike traffic along Lake Shore Drive, and street signage.   The first officers were as follows:

  • President – Bill Shepler
  • Vice-President – Sara Latimer
  • Secretary – Joe Neely
  • Treasurer – Carolyn Sutherland

The first Board of Directors included:

  • North Lake Shore Drive –  Sara Latimer, Susan Glass
  • North Private Associations – Marge Edwards, Melissa Pflug
  • North Lamkin Drive – Joe Neely, Elliot Greenberg
  • South Lamkin Drive – Larry Pomeroy, Jo Isenhart
  • South Lake Shore Drive – Pat McKay, Dick Jositas
  • Robinson Road – Les Arnold, Marietta Coulter
  • Members at Large – Paul John, Bill Shepler, Carolyn Sutherland

Currently GGA includes 190 member families, most of which own property from Stutsmanville Road to Cross Village and from the Lake Michigan shoreline to Terpening Road.  All members support the mission statement and work for the preservation of the area.

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Community fun at the 2015 picnic.