GGA Accomplishments

Broadband Initiative (2012)

During the winter of 2012, the GGA funded an upgrade to transmission equipment at Cherry Capital Connection and upgrades to an existing television tower on the property of member and former Board member Carolyn Sutherland in order to provide high speed broadband services to area residents.  Sutherland offered use of the tower gratis, in a long term lease agreement to benefit the association.

History of Good Hart (2004)

During the summer of 1994, a group of Good Hart residents came together with In 2004 interviews with long-time Good Hart residents began as part of a history project that would record and publish a complete history of the area. The interviews were recorded and then preserved digitally.   Long term plans include a historical museum in the Good Hart area.

Steep Slope County Ordinance (2003)

In 2003 the county proposed an ordinance titled “Steep Slopes’, which would have virtually made all of the bluff west of Lake shore Drive and much of the flat land below the bluff unbuildable.  A committee from Greater Good Hart opposed and defeated this ordinance.  The committee then reformed with four members, one from the Planning Commission, one from Tip of the Mitt, and two members from GGA to write the Steep Slope Ordinance now in place, which was passed by the Emmet County Commissioners in 2003.

Lamkin Drive – Natural Beauty Road (2001)

In 2000 the Emmet County Road Commission began marking trees on Lamkin Drive to be cut for a planned widening of the road.  A committee was soon formed to petition the state to have Lamkin Drive designated a National Beauty Road.  The designation was approved in 2001 and provides that Lamkin Drive (Lamkin Road) will be preserved in its’ nearly natural state.

Music at Middle Village (2001)

In 2001 the Greater Good Hart Association began holding summer concerts at St. Ignatius as  fund raisers for preservation of St. Ignatius and Greater Good Hart community projects.

Fundraising Yard Sales (2000)

Marti Wallen initiated the first of two successful yard sales with profits being split between the Greater Good Hart Association general fund and the Greater Good Hart Association’s St. Ignatius Restoration Fund.

St. Ignatius Restoration Project (2000)

By 2000,  the need for the restoration of St. Ignatius Church became the association’s primary fundraising project.   The community held summer concerts and  two yard sales to help fund the project.  The community also works to assist in maintaining the church including lawn upkeep, planting maintenance, cleaning, and painting.  As of 2006, the association had raised over $13,000 for the restoration project and donated hundreds of hours in volunteer time.

Inaugural Summer Solstice Picnic (1998)

1998 initiated the first summer picnic. The picnic offers a fun gathering with excellent food and entertainment.  The first picnic was held on the R.F.C. Fire Rescue grounds, most subsequent picnics have been held at the Good Hart General Store.  The picnic typically collects funds for a notable cause.

Inaugural Sacre Blue Cruise (1997)

In 1997 the GGA began the mission of establishing a summer social cruise along the straits of Mackinaw.  The cruise was a successful event for members and guests alike and includes dinner, dancing and live entertainment.  The cruise has been held nearly ever year since.

Community Garden (1996)

In 1996 the GGA began the creation of the community garden at the intersection of Lake Shore Drive and Robinson Road.  Many residents were involved in both the design and planting.  Every year the community plants, and maintains this beautiful community effort.

Middle Village Park Management Committee (1995)

In 1995 the committee to manage the beach at St. Ignatius Church was formed and consisted of five members, one from Readmond Township, one from Friendship Township, one from the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians and two from the Greater Good Hart Association.  The GGA representation is still current on the committee.


Members of the R.F.C. Fire-Rescue aboard the annual Straits Cruise.